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Vail Resorts hits a new high after buying the largest ski area in North America.  Wal-Mart buys in a $3 billion dollar attempt to get stronger at e-commerce.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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Fool Funds portfolio managers Bill Mann and Bryan Hinmon analyze Tesla Motors latest results and whether there’s a bubble in restaurant stocks.  Plus, Bryan share the three key signs he looks for when he’s shorting a stock.

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Fitbit shares pop 10%. Electronic Arts surprises Wall Street with a quarterly profit. And Time Warner’s results aren’t as interesting as buying a stake in Hulu. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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Earnings news from Cognex and SodaStream sent shares up today, while despite good news at Texas Roadhouse shares there have sold off. Plus a new world record has been set in the most intense race known to man—the Beer Mile.

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CBS gets it done by going over the top.  Tesla Motors closes the deal for SolarCity.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and try to get everyone to relax about what’s going to happen in August.

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Ford sinks 10% for many, many reasons.  Facebook’s mobile ad revenue continues to astonish.  Colgate-Palmolive puts up decent results in a tough environment.

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Apple sold a ton of iPhones, but it’s the growth in services that has Wall Street talking. Twitter’s struggles continue, while Buffalo Wild Wings posts solid results in advance of the NFL season.

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Under Armour’s 2nd-quarter profit sinks 58%. Restaurants get a sweeping downgrade. Plus, we ask the question “Didn’t ANYONE listen to what we said about Nintendo??”

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Verizon pays $4.8 billion for Yahoo’s core assets.  Boston Beer rises by beating low expectations for the 2nd quarter. Plus highlights from our recent excursions to Portugal, Connecticut and Canada.

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Even though it’s more than 20 years old, Amazon still operates like a start-up.  As we wrap up “Deep Dive Week”, Matt Argersinger analyzes the retail giant and shares why international revenue growth is one of the key metrics he likes.

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Ron Gross analyzes the various business units of Berkshire-Hathaway and shares why the company’s book value is a key metric.  Plus, what happens when Warren Buffett steps down?

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In the span of 12 years Facebook has gone from start-up to global domination.  Jeff Fischer shares why he’s not concerned with Facebook’s expenses and is more interested in revenue-per-user.

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It’s Deep Dive Week!  Simon Erickson analyzes the business of Alphabet, including the key metrics he looks at, the main drivers of the business, and the potential for new initiatives.

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JP Morgan reports strong profits, while Yum Brands’ quarter could be described as puissant. Plus we analyze pending details in the agribusiness and retail industries.

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Amazon sold a boatload of stuff yesterday. Kinder Morgan and Southern strike a natural gas pipeline deal. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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Pokemon Go’s instant popularity sends shares of Nintendo up 60%. Jeff Fischer breaks down an options trade and shares his outlook on financials heading into earnings season.  Plus, we discuss Tom Gardner’s walk for DC Prep. For more details go to

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UFC takes mixed-martial arts to the next level as several groups combine to buy it for $4 billion. Twitter goes for more live video programming, Amazon gears up for Prime Day, and we’ve got 3 companies to watch this earnings season.

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French conglomerate Danone doubles its U.S. business by buying WhiteWave Foods for $10 billion. Costco’s June sales surprises Wall Street. Plus we continue to search for Lululemon Athletica’s missing board member and preview Baidu’s next report.

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One of Chipotle’s top executives is charged with cocaine possession. Starbucks raises prices for the 3rd July in a row. Plus, we gear up for earnings season.

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Tesla Motors falls short on Q2 deliveries. What does Kevin Durant’s move to Golden State mean for Nike and Under Armour?  Plus, we celebrate Hostess Brands’ return to the public markets.

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Hershey’s soars on a buyout bid from Mondelez International. McCormick hits a new high while Darden Restaurants sinks on weak guidance. Plus we analyze defensive stocks and overrated spices.

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Nike’s 4th-quarter sales are light but the company’s in good shape for the Summer Olympics. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and discuss Kellogg’s new cereal café in NYC.

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Carnival cruises to an earnings beat. Restaurant traffic takes a dip.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to debate the pros & cons of share buybacks.

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Brexit fallout continues. The sports TV rights bubble is still there, but doesn’t look like it’s going to burst anytime in the next five years.  Plus, we offer Wedding Day advice to a MarketFoolery regular.

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The Brexit vote is underway! Bed, Bath & Beyond hits a 5-year low while Barnes & Noble unveils its new secret weapon: alcohol.

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Tesla Motors makes a $2.8 billion bid for SolarCity, but Wall Street isn’t wild about the deal. Plus we discuss the FAA’s new regulations for drones, the relative merits of buying stocks at attractive prices, and Tyson Foods’ hot dog giveaway!

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Netflix’s price hike gives shareholders mixed emotions, the future of AI is now, and Lululemon’s longest tenured board member is nowhere to be found.

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“Finding Dory” gives Walt Disney shareholders 136 million reasons to smile, LinkedIn releases its first “Top Attractors” list, Tribune Publishing rebrands as “tronc”, and Dan Boyd returns from his trip!

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Morgan Housel analyzes the state of distraction facing investors, and shares what he learned buying a house.

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What is an investor to do now that the Brexit seems like a distinct probability? Plus Apple’s developer conference falls flat, Valeant struggles to find a new direction for its business, and the tech industry is ripe for consolidation.

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With the UK set to vote next week, Tim Hanson analyzes the pros & cons of Brexit, a potential merger in the fantasy sports industry, and investing in guacamole.


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Microsoft buys LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Citron Research makes a case for shorting Facebook. Plus, stock market trivia! For video highlights of our Fool Fest Digital Pass go to

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J.M. Smucker hits an all-time high while Restoration Hardware sinks to an all-time low. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss dividend aristocrats.  To get a sneak preview of our Fool Fest Digital Pass, go to

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Wall Street’s having fun with Dave & Buster’s latest earnings report. Amazon invests another $3 billion in India. T-Mobile unveils a plan to turn customers into shareholders.


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Thor Industries hits a new high after strong Q3 results.  LDR Holding spikes 63% after being bought by Zimmer Biomet. We analyze those stories, dip into the Fool Mailbag, and reminisce about Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.


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Which U.S. cable company is most hated by customers? Why did Devon Energy sell $1 billion worth of assets? And what separates Under Armour’s share classes?

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SodaStream launches a beer line. Lululemon athletica founder Chip Wilson returns with a vengeance. Plus, we examine potential risks with Markel’s business.

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Michael Kors pops after its latest report. Lands’ End treads water. Plus we navigate the sports apparel industry and get a head start on National Doughnut Day.

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Volkswagen posts a surprising profit. Starbucks gets serious about iced coffee. Plus we discuss whether social media can be successful with e-commerce and share highlights from our Memorial Day weekends.

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In what could be a disastrous mistake, Chris Hill and Bill Barker play a round of “Buy, Sell or Hold?”. Topics covered include Ponzi schemes, baseball, travel, and a live-action version of “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

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Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker dissects why Intuit is beating H&R Block, why Tiffany continues to struggle, and why everyone knew Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia wouldn’t work. Plus, we gear up for the start of Memorial Day weekend.

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Best Buy impresses investors this quarter but is already disappointing them next quarter, while GoPro and Red Bull enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement. Plus our analysts take a deep dive into the struggling restaurant industry and pick out some companies that they think have what it takes to survive.

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Shares of Church & Dwight (parent company of Trojan Brands) spike on buyout rumors. Is someone trying to corner the global condom market?  Meanwhile, America grapples with an oversupply of cheese. Plus, we analyze the latest earnings from Lowe’s and Target.

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Is YouTube really worth $75 billion as a stand-alone business?  Plus we analyze Home Depot’s latest quarter and offer a preview of Fool Fest, our 2-day investing conference.

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Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert teams up with Warren Buffett to make a bid for Yahoo’s core assets. Plus we analyze Berkshire-Hathaway’s purchase of Apple shares and Gannett increasing its bid for Tribune Publishing.

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General retail gets hit again, while restaurant stocks continue to serve up strong returns. Plus we discuss Wal-Mart’s new service and a media tour of NYC.  Thanks to Audible for supporting this episode! Get a free 30-day trial at

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Disney announced a rare earnings miss this week, but the company still has a lot to offer investors--unfortunately that may not be true for beleaguered retailers Macy’s and Fossil. Meanwhile a judge has called off the Staples and Office Depot merger, leaving the two companies high and dry.

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Morgan Housel shares insights from an investing conference in Montreal.  Chris Hill shares a preview of ESPN’s next documentary “OJ: Made In America”.

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Lending Club tanks after the CEO resigns. Krispy Kreme Doughnuts gets a sweet buyout. Plus we discuss Microsoft’s move to increase transparency for individual investors.  Thanks to Audible for supporting this episode! Get a free 30-day trial at

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Bill Barker & Bryan Hinmon from Motley Fool Funds analyze the latest results from Whole Foods, L Brands and Weight Watchers. Bryan explains what an “and” stock is and we try to make sense of Tribune Publishing’s latest move.

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Zillow’s optimism sends shares up double-digits. Priceline guidance is tepid, but is the company sandbagging?  Plus we dip into the Fool  Mailbag and celebrate Star Wars Day.

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The team takes a look at earnings from The New York Times and Grubhub, two very different companies with some surprising parallels. Plus they dive into the future of Apple and if Tim Cook is to blame for the stock’s recent problems.

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We sift through the wreckage of the now-defunctHalliburton/Baker Hughes deal. Hulu makes the battle for the livingroom more interesting, and we discuss the newest player in theathletic apparel industry: Uncle Martian.  For a free copy ofour new 401k guide, go to

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Morgan Housel shares his thoughts on Priceline needing a new CEO, which U.S. presidents are best for the stock market, and why investors should ignore election predictions.

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Australia’s economy is on a 25-year bull run.  Motley Fool AU analyst Donny Buchanan shares the peril & promise of investing in Australia, how investors regard Big Banks, and why a 200-acre farm is considered small.

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Earnings from BP continue to suffer half a decade after its spill in the Gulf, while The Container Store and Coach report earnings of their own. Plus the team speculates wildly about earnings from Chipotle and Apple after market close.

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Halliburton delays its earnings call. Gannett makes a $815 million bid to gain even more control of the newspaper industry. Plus we look at the latest dance between automakers and dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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Episode 1,000 features analysis of the latest earnings from Under Armour, DR Horton, Sherwin-Williams, Las Vegas Sands and Mattel. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and share the “Uncle Joe” origin story!

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Intel’s profits are overshadowed by the company’s job cuts. Intuitive Surgical hits a new high, while Coca-Cola’s sales fall for the 4th quarter in a row.

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Netflix sinks 10% as Wall Street flees, but the future still looks bright. Illumina tanks while Johnson & Johnson hits a new high. Plus, we discuss one of the surprising finalists in the bidding for Yahoo.

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The countdown to our 1,000th episode is on. We’ve got earnings from Hasbro and Pepsi, as Amazon unveils a monthly video plan. Plus, Fool podcasts are now on Spotify!

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Delta Airlines and Bank of America kick off earnings season. PC sales fall for the 6th quarter in a row. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss whether it’s wise to short your own company.  For a free preview of our Motley Fool PRO service, just go to

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America’s largest coal company goes bankrupt, while railroad operator CSX sees far lower coal shipments. Bill Mann and Bill Barker from Motley Fool Funds discuss who dividend stocks are right for and why the healthy amount of alcohol depends on where you live.

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Morgan Housel shares why investors love a good story, why good bets are still good after they go south, and his 1st memory of MarketFoolery.

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Verizon may be the frontrunner, but the Daily Mail just entered the bidding for Yahoo’s core assets.  Plus we analyze Under Armour’s fall after The Masters and raise some questions about an upcoming beverage IPO.

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L Brands (parent company of Victoria’s Secret) announces a restructuring. Motley Fool Funds analyst Bill Barker shares why L Brands has been the best stock in the apparel industry over the past 15 years. Plus we discuss Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wynn Resorts, and (of course) National Beer Day.

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Tesla Motors missed their delivery target, but only a fool (small f) would short that stock. Plus we take a closer look at the solar energy industry.

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Disney’s COO abruptly resigns. Plus discuss the Panama Papers and why basing your investing decisions on Pres. Eisenhower’s final year in office might be a bad idea.

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Merger Monday (again!) lives up to its name with a $4 billion deal in the airline industry.  Plus Staples makes an interesting bet on office space and we dip into the Fool Mailbag.

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McDonald’s announces a big push in China the same day it gets a new competitor: Chipotle.  Plus we analyze Movado Group’s struggles and reminisce about some of our favorite April Fool’s Day pranks.

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Morgan Housel weighs in on the unusual 2-year run of the stock market, the case for imports, and how investors are living in a great time for financial journalism.

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McCormick serves up another strong quarter, but is the stock’s valuation getting too spicy? Plus we discuss potential catalysts for LinkedIn and Walt Disney becoming the #1 shorted stock in the DJIA.  To win your own investing library, go to

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Anbang tops Marriott’s bid for Starwood Hotels.  Pandora’s founder returns and Wall Street doesn’t seem excited. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and share investing takeaways from our respective vacations.

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Jeff Fischer shares his thoughts on tech giant Andy Grove and the legacy he leaves behind.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to answer questions about leveraged ETFs, writing puts and more.  For Jeff’s free crash course on options investing, go to

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Why do sexy businesses get all the attention?  We analyze why investors should give boring, unsexy companies a second look.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and discuss Mattress Firm’s latest quarter.  To win your own investing library, go to

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Deals in the paint and hotels industries help Merger Monday live up to its nickname.  Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss mortgages, branding strategies, and the decline of beer consumption.  For a chance to win your own investing library go to

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Motley Fool co-founder David Gardner and a group of all-star analysts share their favorite investing books and the lessons they learned. For your chance to win an investing library go to

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Joshua Baer is the founder of Capital Factory, a hub for entrepreneurs in Austin. He takes a few minutes out of his insanely busy week to discuss the tech scene in Austin, SXSW and more.

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Tech editor (and Industry Focus host) Dylan Lewis takes the stage at the SXSW Podcast Center to share what he’s learned this week about driverless cars. Plus, what happens when a robot holds a press conference?


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Comedian, TV writer and podcast host Matt Mira shares his thoughts on the business of comedy.  We discuss the prospects of a comedy bubble, the changing economics of TV, and much more.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_03_15_2016.mp3
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We made it to Austin!  We kick off SXSW week with a discussion that includes the future of media, health tech, and much more. Plus we share what we’re hoping to hear from Under Armour’s CEO and why we’re slightly-less worried about robots taking over.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_03_14_2016.mp3
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It’s Financial Health Day here at Fool Global Headquarters.  Robert Brokamp shares the day’s origins and tips on improving your own financial health. Plus we offer a sneak-preview of next week’s bonus MarketFoolery and our 1st-ever contest.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_03_10_2016.mp3
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Chipotle closes another location due to health issues. General Mills hikes its dividend.  Plus we discuss women’s tennis, performance-enhancing drugs, and Lifetime Network vs. Hallmark Channel.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_03_09_2016.mp3
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We dip into the Fool Mailbag to figure out what happened to Horsehead Holdings and the best way to dollar-cost average.  Plus, a look at Perry Ellis’ business and New Orleans cuisine.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_03_08_2016.mp3
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“Zootopia” rules the box office. Meerkat surrenders. Plus, we explain GAAP vs. non-GAAP reporting, why no stock is ever truly in the “set-it-and-forget-it” category, and why doing our own taxes holds no appeal whatsoever.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_03_07_2016.mp3
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We dig into the latest earnings from Costco and American Eagle, discuss the future of Ulta Salon, and analyze the latest decision by LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. Plus, we’ve got a free tax guide to help investors!  To get your own copy of The Motley Fool Investors’ Tax Guide, just go to

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We reflect on former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon, diversification strategies, and the Loeb Awards.  To check out a highlight reel from our recent investing conference in San Diego go to

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The Crocs turnaround isn’t turning around just yet. Valeant Pharmaceuticals gets a visit from the SEC. Plus, we’re heading to Austin, Texas for SXSW!

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Chief Investment Officer Andy Cross analyzes Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders, the “Big Four” holdings and whether shares of Berkshire-Hathaway are attractive.

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Morgan Housel analyzes why start-up companies shouldn’t raise as much money as possible. Plus, we share details on The Motley Fool’s first-ever digital pass to our recent investing conference in San Diego.  To learn more go to

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Lowe’s and Target are moving in the right direction, but its DreamWorks Animation that stuns Wall Street with a huge 4th quarter. Plus we gear up for the Academy Awards with a past winner of Best Original Song.

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Eye-popping same-store sales drive another great quarter for Home Depot. David Kretzmann shares why he believes the stock still has room to run. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag and offer some unsolicited advice to AMC Entertainment.

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Lumber Liquidators and Ultra Petroleum are both getting crushed, but only one looks salvageable. Plus we dip into the Fool Mailbag to discuss a potential buyout for Boston Beer and the latest innovation from KitKat.

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Wal-Mart’s 4th quarter results are uninspiring. Cabela’s may or may not be up for sale. And Nestle is probably bigger than you think.  Plus we discuss Apple’s standoff with the FBI.

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Priceline announced impressive fourth quarter earnings, but Airbnb continues to grow in popularity. Meanwhile Warren Buffett has found some value in Kinder Morgan, and Alphabet is spinning off its think-tank Jigsaw.

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ADT pops 50% after getting acquired, as the home security industry gets more competitive.  Meanwhile, Apple has started working on its first-ever scripted TV series so it can be made available on…….Apple Music?


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TripAdvisor pops 15% on surprisingly good earnings, while Twitter & Whole Foods struggle for very different reasons.

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“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” made all the money, but shares of Walt Disney hit a 52-week low on fears over continued cord-cutting.  SolarCity plunges 25% as government incentives get cut. Panera Bread shares rise as the company’s 2.0 Initiative is showing results. Plus, we discuss “The Big Short” and the Mount Rushmore of Pixar films.

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After hundreds of Motley Fool members gathered in San Diego for an investing conference, Morgan Housel and Chris Hill share their takeaways.

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Hasbro’s holiday sales impress Wall Street.  Leapfrog and Apollo Education Group ride off into the sunset. Plus we analyze which Super Bowl ads might move the needle for businesses and their brands.

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