Tiffany reports weaker-than-expected earnings and lowers its full-year outlook. Shares of Barnes & Noble decline on a slowdown in same-store sales.  And Starbucks introduces a $7 cup of coffee.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_29_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:05pm EST

Shares of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters surge.  Shares of Fresh Market plummet.  And Costco issues a special dividend.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_28_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:09pm EST

Food giant ConAgra makes a big acquistion. Cyber Monday sets a new record. And Hewlett Packard deals with more fallout from its write-down of its Autonomy acquisition.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_27_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:21pm EST

Retailers rack up some big sales on Black Friday. And Research in Motion and Yahoo! get some good news from Wall Street.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_26_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:42pm EST

Our analysts discuss two undervalued stocks and two overvalued stocks.  

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_19_2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:32pm EST

Wal-mart and Target report earnings. Starbucks makes a big acquisition. And Berkshire Hathaway loads up on shares of Deere.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_15_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:53pm EST

Abercrombie & Fitch and Cisco reports better-than-expected earnings.  And shares of Advanced Micro Devices hit a 21-year low.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_14_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:10pm EST

Our analysts discuss Home Depot's earnings, Microsoft's surprising move, and the future of the U.S. oil industry.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_13_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:04pm EST

Shares of J.C. Penney tumble on a downgrade. Shares of Jeffiries Group pop after the investment bank announces it's being acquired. And shares of Sherwin-Williams surge after it announces a $2.4 billion deal.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_12_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:21pm EST

McDonald's sales decline for the first time since 2003. Activision reports better-than-expected earnings. Whole Foods reports a 9 percent increase in same-store sales.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_08_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:45pm EST

Our analysts discuss the stock market's reaction to the election and go bargain hunting.



Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_07_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:28pm EST

Our analysts discuss election polls and parallels to the stock market.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_06_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:24pm EST

Berkshire Hathaway reports a surge in 3rd quarter revenue. What will be Warren Buffett's next big buy? Netflix fights off a takeover. Who will win the battle between Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and activist investor Carl Icahn. And the NHL deals with a labor strike.
Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_05_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:28pm EST

General Motors and Visa report better-than-expected earnings.  And Ford's CEO extends his tenure.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_11_01_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:39pm EST

Our analysts discuss the business implications of Hurricane Sandy and delve into Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_31_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:27pm EST

Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued and two investments that are overvalued.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_25_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:04pm EST

Shares of Facebook and Panera rise on better-than-expected earnings.  Netflix tumbles after weaker-than-expected earnings.   And investors react to Apple's newest iPad.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_24_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:36pm EST

DuPont cuts jobs and lowers its earnings outlook. 3M reports declining sales. And Yahoo! gives investors something to shout about.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_23_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:47pm EST

BP makes a big deal as goes private.  Plus we analyze Caterpillar’s earnings and Hasbro’s decision to bring back the Furby.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_22_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:16pm EST

Shares of Verizon climb on strong earnings.   Shares of eBay approach an eight year high.  And shares of American Express slide on weaker-than-expected earnings.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_18_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:24pm EST

Bank of America earnings fall 95%.   Shares of IBM slide after Big Blue reports weaker-than-expected revenues.  And Oracle's CEO encounters some choppy waters.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_17_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:30pm EST

Citigroup's CEO announces his resignation.  Johnson & Johnson reports better-than-expected earnings.  And Goldman Sachs reports "reasonably solid" earnings.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_16_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:09pm EST

Citigroup clears a low bar.   And Softbank finalizes its deal with Sprint Nextel.   Our analysts discuss those stories and debate the merits of investing in restaurant stocks.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_15_2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:57pm EST

Safeway slides. Sprint Nextel soars.  And Kellogg's issues a big recall.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_11_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:44pm EST

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_10_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:48pm EST

Our analysts discuss a Netflix downgrade, weigh in on some healthy news from soda companies, and offer up some portfolio advice.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_09_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 6:04pm EST

Our analysts tackle listener questions on the future of the Euro,  dividend stocks, and socially responsible investing.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_08_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:56pm EST

Is Chipotle overvalued?  Our analysts tackle that question, discuss the future of General Motors, and answer some listener emails.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_04_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:04pm EST

Apple gets ready to launch a smaller iPad.   And the beer business gets a boost.  Our analysts discuss those stories and share some stock ideas.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_03_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:29pm EST

Facebook's COO discusses the company's business potential.  And Interbrand releases its annual survey of top global brands.   Our analysts discuss those stories and share their thoughts on solar energy stocks.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_02_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:45pm EST

Wendy's gets a frosty reception on Wall Street.  Jack in the Box hits a 52-week high.  And Nokia maps out a deal with Oracle. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_10_01_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:08pm EST

Temper Pedic buys Sealy.    Our analysts discuss the big deal and respond to listener questions about stock splits, DRIPs, and insider selling.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_27_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:54pm EST

Yahoo's new CEO shares her plans for turning the company around.   And Radio Shack's CEO steps down.  Our analysts discuss those stories and share some stocks on their radar.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_26_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:06pm EST

Shares of Tesla tumble after the electric carmaker lowers guidance.  Toyota scraps plans for a mass-market electric minicar.  And Caterpillar lowers its forecast. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_25_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:19pm EST

Shares of Facebook tumble in the wake of a critical Barron's article.   And Apple deals with supply chain issues.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_24_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:36pm EST

Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two stocks that have been overlooked.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_20_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:09pm EST

Groupon launches a mobile payment service.   A Spanish retailer bucks the European slowdown and reports big profits.   And General Motors tries to get Uncle Sam to sell its stake in the automaker.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_19_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:16pm EST

Energizer gets a boost on Wall Street. And Hewlett-Packard bets on smartphones. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_18_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:52pm EST

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 top the 2 million mark.   Tesla shares rev up after a Morgan Stanley upgrade.  And an activist investor says that Office Depot is deeply undervalued. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_17_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:55pm EST

Will eBay spin off PayPal?  What's the best way to invest in PayPal?  What's the future of natural gas trucking?  Our analysts tackle those questions.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_13_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:55pm EST

Apple unveils the new iPhone.  Facebook shares get a boost from the company's CEO.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_12_2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:56pm EST

McDonald's serves up August sales numbers. Legg Mason and Zynga announce big departures.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_11_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 6:20pm EST

Shares of  AIG tumble after the Treasury announces that it's selling a big part of its stake in the insurance giant.  Shares of Green Mountain rise after the company announces that it will sell some non-coffee drinks. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_10_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:47pm EST

Stocks rally after the European Central Bank announces a big buy.   Our analysts tackle that story and talk about Amazon's new Kindle.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_06_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:19pm EST

Nokia’s new smartphone didn’t impress Wall Street while FedEx warns of a global slowdown.  We dip into the Fool mailbag and analyze Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to reassure shareholders.  Plus, a potential IPO from Canada leads to a debate over the relative merits of Celine Dion and Justin Bieber.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_05_2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:45pm EST

Amazon, Google, & Microsoft prepare to unveil new products this week.   Our analysts tackle the big questions facing each company and discuss the Oogieloves new 52-week low.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_09_04_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:20pm EST

Is there a brain drain at Facebook?  How much analysis should an investor do before buying a stock?  What are the advantages of Master Limited Partnerships?  Our analysts tackle some listener questions.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_28_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:35pm EST

In the wake of the Apple/Samsung verdict, the guys analyze winners and losers in the mobile smartphone industry.  Plus, Hertz spends $2.3 billion to buy Dollar Thrifty and AOL says “You’ve Got A Dividend!” to shareholders.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_27_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:51pm EST

Dell’s earnings disappoint while home-builder Toll Brothers doubles its quarterly profit.  Plus, a new partnership with Discover will put PayPal in millions of U.S. locations.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_22_2012.mp3
Category:finance -- posted at: 2:06pm EST

Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and Urban Outfitters all reported earnings and we dig through all three.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_21_2012.mp3
Category:finance -- posted at: 2:12pm EST

Local investors pull money out of China's stock market.  Shares of Staples plunge after the retailer reports weaker-than-expected earnings.  And Netflix expands to Scandinavia.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_15_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:25pm EST

Germany reports better-than-expected GDP growth.  Shares of Home Depot rise on strong earnings.  And shares of Groupon plunge on lower-than-expected revenue.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_14_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:41pm EST

Google cuts 20% of its Motorola Mobility workforce.  Barnes and Noble cuts prices of its Nook e-reader and tablet. And Pfizer files plans for an IPO of its animal health business.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_13_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:22pm EST

Our analysts discuss four stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two stocks that have been overlooked.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_09_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:44pm EST

Disney reports record earnings.  Priceline reports lower-than-expected profits.  And Starbucks bets big on mobile payment.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_08_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:29pm EST

Chesapeake Energy reports an earnings suprise.  Sirius XM raises its outlook.  And Fossil gets a big boost from China.   Our analysts discuss those stories and talk about McDonald's big business in Latin America.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_07_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:19pm EST

Best Buy's founder makes a bid to buy the struggling retailer.  eBay eyes same-day delivery.  And Applebee's eyes a whole new market.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_06_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:49pm EST

GM reports a big loss in Europe.   Abercrombie & Fitch reports unfashionable earnings.   Green Mountain Coffee serves up weaker-than-expected sales and lowers guidance.  And Beam serves up strong sales.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_02_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:12pm EST

Apple TV adds Hulu Plus. launches a new video app for the iPad.    Our analysts discuss the battle for the living room and delve into earnings from MasterCard and Harley Davidson.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_08_01_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 12:17pm EST

The manager of the world's biggest bond fund says stock investors should expect smaller returns in the future. BP and Coach report larger-than-expected losses. And Pfizer reports a larger-than-expected gain.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_31_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:03pm EST

The New York Times reports that Apple is considering investing in Twitter.   And Comcast spends big bucks on a marketing campaign to better explain Xfinity.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_30_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:52pm EST

Our analysts discuss earnings news from ExxonMobil, Sprint Nextel, Whole Foods, and Zynga. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_26_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 5:03pm EST

Apple reports weaker-than-expected earnings.  Our analysts discuss the real threat to Apple and delve into earnings news from Caterpillar, Ford, Eli Lilly, Panera, and Netflix.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_25_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:15pm EST

Our analysts discuss the latest earnings from  AT&T, Altria, Baidu, and Under Armour.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_24_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:06pm EST

Market volatility spikes.   Shares of McDonald's slip.  Shares of Hasbro and Peet's Coffee rise. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_23_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:24pm EST

Our analysts discuss IBM's earnings, debate the merits of share buybacks, and share two undervalued stocks and two overvalued stocks.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_19_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:11pm EST

Housing starts rise to their highest level in four years.   Intel and Bank of America report earnings.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_18_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:12pm EST

Yahoo! hires former Google executive Marissa Mayer as its new CEO.  Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, and Mattel report earnings. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_17_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:21pm EST

Gold prices slide.  Mastercard and Visa make a deal with merchants.  Nokia cuts prices. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_16_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:05pm EST

Warren Buffett expresses concern over the economy.   Shares of SuperValu sink after the grocery chain reports not so super earnings.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_12_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:55pm EST

Shares of electronics retailer Hhgregg plunge after the company lowers its earnings forecast.  And a leader in the cable television industry makes some suprising comments about the future of television.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_11_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:35pm EST

Shares of Alcoa slip after the company reports earnings.  Mako Surgical lowers its forecast and shares plunge.   And Campbell's makes a healthy acquisition.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_10_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:34pm EST

What is the future of 3-D Printing?  Is Nike undervalued?  Is Qualcomm ready for a rebound?  On today's show,  our analysts tackle some listener questions.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_09_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:17pm EST

Microsoft takes a $6.2 billion charge. Plus we answer listener emails about mobile phones and investing in the beverage industry.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_07_03_2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:44pm EST

Our analysts discuss the investing implications of the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the healthcare law.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_28_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:49pm EST

Apple wins a legal victory over Samsung.   Best Buy considers a buy-out.  Our analysts discuss those stories and talk about the future of dividend stocks.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_27_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:09pm EST

Coke increases its bet on India.   Chesapeake Energy faces new allegations.   And a big pharmaceutical company loses a big lawsuit.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_26_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:41pm EST

Disney's Brave delivers big at the box office and continues Pixar's winning streak.   Anheuser-Busch InBev goes on a billion-dollar beer run.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_25_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:20pm EST

Shares of Bed, Bath, and Beyond tumble.  Starbucks announces plans to open a tea store. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_21_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:55pm EST

The Fed announces additional stimulus. Natural gas prices rise.  Procter & Gamble lowers its forecast.  And shares of La-Z-Boy tumble.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_20_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:06pm EST

Microsoft unveils its Surface tablet.   Oracle reports big earnigs.  J.C. Penney slips.   And Kimberly-Clark hits a new high.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_19_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:53pm EST

Investors react to election results in Greece.  Warren Buffett bets big on housing.  And PetSmart increases its dividend.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_18_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:17pm EST

Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two financial stories that have been overlooked.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_14_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:13pm EST

JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon testifies before Congress.  Verizon changes its plan.  And shares of Scotts Miracle-Gro tumble after the company issues a profit warning.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_13_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:14pm EST

Does Apple's Macbook have room to run?  How much bigger can Siri get?  Will Apple's Maps take a bite out of Google?

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_12_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:40pm EST

Is there a bond bubble?  Will the health benefits of coffee boost the bottom line for coffee stocks?  Are hybrid cars losing some of their appeal?  Our analysts tackle those questions.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_11_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:28pm EST

Casino magnate Steve Wynn says that his Wynn Macau Casino will cost $4 billion.   And Diageo announces it's ramping up its Scotch whiskey production.   Our analysts discuss those stories and delve into the business of Facebook's membership.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_06_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:18pm EST

Starbucks buys a bakery.   Google buys a social network.   And Amazon buys a book publisher.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_05_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:15pm EST

Bank of America is accussed of hiding bad news from shareholders.  Chesapeake Energy replaces four directors. General Motors deals with its pension payments. And Facebook considers a new market.


Direct download: Market_Foolery_06_04_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:43pm EST

Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two financial stories that have been overlooked.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_31_2012.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:58pm EST

Share of Facebook continue their slide.  Twitter signs a big deal with Pepsi.  And Dry Ships attempts to right the ship.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_30_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:22pm EST

Samsung launches its Galaxy S3 phone in Europe.  And Facebook works on its own smartphone.  Our analysts discuss those stories and talk about the business of genome sequencing.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_29_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:22pm EST

Dell reports weaker-than-expected earnings and shares get crushed. And Facebook continues to deal with questions about its IPO.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_23_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:33pm EST

Facebook continues its slide.   Best Buy promises big changes.   JP Morgan suspends its share buyback.   And Volvo unveils a new engine.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_22_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:43pm EST

Shares of Facebook and Lowe's tumble.   Yahoo! makes a big deal. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_21_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:52pm EST

Dick's Sporting Goods reports big earnings.  Groupon reports its first profit. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_15_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 3:30pm EST

JPMorgan Chase makes some big changes.  Yahoo! gets a new CEO.   And Cheseapeake Energy gets a boost from an activist investor.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_14_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:23pm EST

Our analysts discuss two stocks that are undervalued, two stocks that are overvalued, and two financial stories that have been overlooked.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_10_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 2:48pm EST

Disney reports big earnings.  And the founder of Green Mountain Coffee is forced to sell a big stake. 

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_09_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 4:14pm EST

After Europe’s elections, we discuss Europe-proof stocks.  Electronic Arts shares fall on subscriber losses, and Google’s driverless car is licensed to drive.

Direct download: Market_Foolery_05_08_2012.mp3
Category:podcast -- posted at: 1:36pm EST